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Fanvids for Sherlock Holmes fandoms

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Name:Vids for any and all Sherlock Holmes fandoms
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fan made videos for Sherlock Holmes fandoms.
Hello and welcome to [community profile] sherlockvids, here for all of your Sherlock Holmes fanvid needs. This is the place to post your own Sherlock Holmes vid, from any of the Sherlock Holmes fandoms in existence (YES!), or, to rec an amazing Sherlock Holmes vid you've seen which you want to share with everyone else. (Again, from any and every Sherlock Holmes fandom out there.)

1) All large graphics (ANYTHING WIDER THAN 350 PIXELS) and/or lengthy vid summaries/explanations must go under an lj-cut.

Embedded videos should also be placed under an lj-cut.

Vidders who forget to do this will be reminded by a mod then have a limited amount of time (about a day) before the post is deleted. You can repost at any time, of course, as long as you remember to use lj-cuts when necessary.

2) Please include spoiler warnings for any recently aired films or TV episodes. Posts which do not include spoiler warnings are liable to be removed - after being reminded by a mod to include warnings. You can repost at any time, given you use spoiler warnings.

For the time being, spoiler warnings are not in effect. The comm will be notified if they are.

3) You may post vids from ANY of the versions of Sherlock Holmes floating around out there. This includes the 2009 movie, the recent BBC series, the Basil Rathbone films, the original short stories . . . seriously, go to town, people. \o/

4) You can post crossover and multifandom vids, so long as they contain at least one clip from a Sherlock Holmes film or TV series.

5) Tag all your entries with the appropriate tags!

6) Rec posts only require a link to where the vid can be streamed or downloaded and comments left with the vidder and spoiler warnings.

7) Play nice. Refrain from wankery or rudeness. Racist, sexist, and homophobic comments/content are unacceptable, obviously.

8) Clip theft will not be tolerated. If anyone in the comm is found to be a clip thief, they will be removed and blocked from returning.


Think a certain song would make a great Holmes vid? Or do you have ideas for a Holmes vid? Leave a comment at this post and maybe someone will use your suggestion for a vid. Vidders are always hankering for new ideas and suggestions. :)


[personal profile] mresundance Questions or concerns should be left in comment form at this post.

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